In June of 2020, POWERUP CT was established as a response to the violent and racist murder of George Floyd. Our mission is to give voice to the unheard, educate our community, and represent the oppressed. For the last three years, we have worked diligently to dismantle systems of oppression, racism, and injustice. We know that Black liberation is inextricably connected with the liberation of indigenous people, and other marginalized groups—this includes Palestinians.

As an anti-racist organization, we will always fight for ALL oppressed people. We stand against all forms of injustice that our Palestinian siblings are currently enduring, including occupation, apartheid, settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. We know that the violence of white supremacy permeates every fabric of society, in our local communities and abroad. We are devoted to collective liberation as we stand in global solidarity with all oppressed communities. As the late Fannie Lou Hamer named, “nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”

POWERUP CT unequivocally stands with Palestine and its people. We are here to uplift their voices. We are here to take action. We are here to call out oppression and racism when we see it—no matter where it is. We condemn the violent occupation that has taken over Palestine for decades. We mourn the thousands of lives that have been taken since October 7th and all of the lives that have been taken from the first Nakba to now. As an organization, we call for an immediate ceasefire and the end to Israeli occupation. We call on all members and leaders of our community to stand in solidarity with Palestinians and the land that rightfully belongs the them. We call for a free and liberated Palestine.

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PowerUP is in the streets

Join one of our PowerUp branches as we protest and rally in the streets to continue to disrupt the status quo of white supremacy.

powerup is in the community

Join us in our ongoing efforts to support our community.