Power Up’s mission and hope is to create an anti-racist future in which all Black, Indigenous, and marginalized communities live in liberation and freedom.

We want a future where Black men, women, and children are not killed by the police due to an inherently racist policing system; a future where Black mothers are not 3-4 times more likely to die during pregnancy than white mothers; a future where Black children are not incarcerated at higher rates than non-Black children due to the school-to-prison pipeline; a future where Black Trans women are not killed at alarmingly high rates. Power Up is fighting for a future that is void of all systemic and institutional racism

We are in the streets now so that future generations no longer have to be. To build such a future, we must start by addressing the systemic oppression that has plagued our nation for generations and continues to do so.

Please check our list of demands that we hope will help create a more just and equitable future where Black lives do not just matter, but are celebrated and affirmed constantly.