Between July, 2018 and June, 2019, the Commission of Human Rights Organization in CT reported 603 cases of discrimination in the workplace.

The town of Manchester must hold town businesses, companies, and organizations accountable in situations regarding workplace discrimination.

Similar to Section E and Section G: Subsection b., all employees must be provided with anti-racist training that emphasizes cultural competency in the workplace.

Supervisors, management, and leadership teams must receive more extensive discrimination training more frequently than other workers.

Workplace discrimination claims in Manchester must be investigated by a third party organization rather than the agency’s own Human Resources department or Affirmative Action department in order to ensure the removal of any bias in all decision making.

All discriminatory policies that alienate certain ethnic or racial groups must be terminated. For example, any policy that discriminates against natural hairstyles must be banned.

It must be ensured that individuals with multiple claims of discrimination must be reprimanded and terminated. More so, organizations in town that have multiple complaints of discrimination must be reprimanded by local government and charged extensive fines.

Racial pay gaps between white and non-white employees who hold the same title and positions must be addressed and rectified.

Companies must ensure that hiring practices are free of discrimination by including a diverse panel of interviewers during an interview. Hiring panels should always include Black and Brown employees.