The town of Manchester must work towards
creating a more inclusive community for
LGBTQ+ people of color.

The intersectionality of two marginalized identities coming together puts BIPOC who identify as LGBTQ+ at a higher risk for violence and discrimination.

There must be guidance counselors of color in every school who have knowledge about and sensitivity towards specific issues regarding the LGBTQ+ community. Guidance counselors and school social workers must have LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency training in order to better understand and assist their student population.

Public and Academic libraries in town must focus on cultivating a diverse collection with #OwnVoices authors who write about the LGBTQ+ experience from a person of color’s perspective. #OwnVoices, a term coined by the writer Corinne Duyvis,  books contain characters that have similar attributes and identities to the author, so they are more likely to accurately represent characters.

We demand each Safe School Climate committee includes at least one member of color and at least one member who identifies as queer. A committee should be representative of the population.

We demand that every public building has gender neutral private bathrooms, so those who identify as transgender or non-binary can feel safe when addressing their basic needs.

Schools must provide reformative and/or restorative justice for instances of bullying and hate speech towards the LGBTQ+ community. This would involve the students who perpetuated the violence to learn why their actions were harmful and make reparations to those who were hurt.

The changing of names and gender pronouns must be accepted by the administration and respected by peers.